Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Plastic Surgery is a branch of general surgery that aims to correct and repair the defects morphological-functional or losses of substance of various tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, bones, etc.) Is congenital, that secondary to trauma, cancer or degenerative diseases.

Plastic surgery is one of the few non-surgical specialties "district" or "apparatus", then work on any area of the body.

This implies that plastic surgery has several sub-specialties: surgery of the head and neck, breast surgery, hand surgery, surgery of the lower limbs, surgery of burns, surgery of congenital malformations, and cosmetic surgery (which is a branch of plastic surgery, and does not exist as isolated specialization).

Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast:

It is targeted to breast reconstruction surgery for both congenital reasons (such asymmetries, agenesis, mammilla tuberose, gynecomastia male syndrome of Polland, nipple introverted, etc.), which acquired, post-traumatic or post-cancer (breast reconstruction using implants, autologous flaps, nipple reconstruction, lipofilling in cases of quadrantectomies, etc.).

Reconstructive surgery of the body or face:

Thanks to a series of techniques that use flaps, grafts or implants, you can correct discomforts related to trauma, burns, congenital malformations or post surgical oncology (example: skin cancer) of the entire body.


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