® special treatments for cellulite and body countoring


New medical approach for the treatment of cellulite and body contouring


The need on the part of specialists in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery to have an effective therapeutic response to the problem of cellulite is a daily experience in dealing with requests from patients.

If one expects from this presentation a magic formula is way off from what is reality; it comes instead of 'evolution of medical treatments combined with insight and new technologies that give poor results if taken individually but together the results are very good and comforting for the treatment of cellulite and body remodeling of the silhouette.

The term cellulite, so commonly called a long time, does not correspond to the real process etiopathogenic, linked instead to a pathological process ingravescent which has as basic pathogenic an altered microcirculation both vascular lymphatic (PEFS pannicolopatia edematous-fibro sclerosis). This clinical picture leads to a dermatopatia, ipodermatopatia  and sclerosis fibro-edema of the subcutaneous tissue that results in the imperfection called cellulite.

Countless treatments and methods have been proposed with the aim of treating this disease functional or perhaps better targeted treatments only to improve the aesthetic appearance of cellulite that they lost sight of the real problem related to the functional microcirculation. Symptoms such as diffuse edema of the lower limbs, swollen, tired legs and sore, cold and cyanotic skin, loss of skin elasticity and tenderness proprioception are the physiological evolution of PEFS, a disease common to many women today.


Wath is the Method :

   Cellulimed®, protocol and technique I developed and registered, consists in combining medical treatment, Endothermotherapy, with the use of medical equipment that use modern technology such as ultrasound, radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum. Let's see in detail each and every process of the method.   
   Endothermotherapy: evolution of mesotherapy with the use of the same drugs (vasoactive vasoprotectors, antiplatelet, anti-radical, lipolytic), with hypodermic injections and intuition to combine drugs with the thermal component, in order to create a slight and controlled process  inflammatory targeted to activation of the capillary loco-regional, all combined with an adequate technique infiltrative.

   External cavitation: technology that uses ultrasonic, targeted to the reduction of the adipose tissue and body contouring through lipoclasia of lipocytes with the use of ultrasonic comprised between 38 and 42 KHz.
   Radio Frequency: Targeted treatment of laxity and skin trophism by immediate tightening effect obtained by denaturation of existing collagen fibers and stimulation of the connective collagenogenesi with the production of type IV collagen, as well as the important lymphatic drainage.    
Infrared carries out a bio-stimulation reactivates blood circulation and increasing the recall of oxygen for metabolism and stimulating cell renewal.  

   Connective tissue massage: aimed at the stimulation of the connective where we find the fibroblasts that produce extracellular matrix components such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, these elements are essential for optimal skin trophism.     
   Route of nutritional re-education: in cases where there is an overweight condition, is combined a path with dietary nutritional re-education, where the patient loses fat mass including what will be his proper alimentation to consolidate and maintain a healthy weight.

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After a few sessions of treatment (4-5), on a weekly basis, and where there is the need for gradual weight loss combined with the treatment, begin to see changes on the entire body, but especially on the treated areas where you see the improvement of the trophic skin, both superficial and deep combined with a sharp and progressive improvement of the silhouette.


As can be understood this is a medical path articulated for the treatment of cellulite and adiposity widespread, which requires time and constancy, but which leads to obtain a surprising improvement of the circulation, with a skin rejuvenation due to oxygenation of tissues, improving of skin elasticity, homogeneity of the thickness of the adipose tissue, with an incredible aesthetic improvement of the body.

At the end of treatment (on average 10-12 sessions) if they remain areas with well-localized adiposity, such as trochanteric area (culotte de Cheval), inner thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, you can then intervene with different techniques liposculpture (liposuction traditional use of microcannulas, for ultrasonic or laser).


Are at your disposal to give you more information on this innovative method.


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