Treatments of Aestethic Medicine

The aesthetic medicine is a new medical branch, which works to improve or prevent problems relating to aging body often experienced psychologically ill patient because not accepted.

The aesthetic medicine, realizes basically a program of prevention and general aging of the skin in particular, dealing with the correction of the imperfections of the face and body.

The aesthetic medicine is a natural evolution of Cosmetic Surgery, and with materials and techniques become increasingly sophisticated and less invasive increasingly sought and accepted by patients. No longer just the preserve of the Plastic Surgeon, but from its official birth in the 70s became a real medical specialty with various training schools.

It is therefore natural to a Plastic Surgeon, who has been working as cosmetic surgery, integrate, develop and practice daily aesthetic medicine with the techniques, materials and technologies most appropriate to each case.

 Hyaluronic Acid Filler

 Bio-revitalization with Restylane Vital

 Treatment with Botox  

 Hyperhidrosis: treatment of excessive sweating

 Facial rejuvenation using radiofrequency latest generation

Progressively definitive epilation by laser Nd: YAG

Body and facial capillary treatment by laser

Cavitation medical last generation for body contouring

New: Blepharoplasty non-ablative  by plasma excision "Plexr"
News: Soft face lift using autologous collagen strands "Needle shaping"



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